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Large Flow Rates Pump


  • Model: JL350-2J

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Product Description:

JL350-2J peristaltic pump is ideal for high flow rates fluids transfer, driven by the AC motor and the frequency converter control the speed. The pump delivers flow rates is less than 35 L/min. Through the transparent front cover, the running status of the pump head is visible. The speed, running direction and run/stop of the pump are controlled manually by membrane Keypad or automatically by external control interface. Its operation is simple and reliable.

- Speed: 30 to 350 rpm, reversible 
- Speed precision: 0.6 rpm   
- Power supply:  AC 220 V ± 10%   50/60 Hz      
- Power consumption: < 400 W 
- Operating condition: Temperature 0 to 40°C, Relative humidity < 80%  
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 417 x 401 x 321(mm) 
- Pump weight: 32 kg (72 lbs)
- IP rating: IP55

Functions and Features
- High-power pumps, and the maximum flow rates can reach 35L/min 
- The structure of concave working surface and convex roller realizes the tubing self-position function. It reduces abrasion and prolongs tubing life. 
- Variable frequency speed control to AC motor with creeper gear 
- Adjustable occlusion 
- Strong drive 
- Pump head operation is visible through transparent front cover

Drive Pump head Tubing  Flow rates (L/min) Weight
JL350-2J KZ48/63 88#  1.3 - 15 50 kg (109 lbs)
92# 3 - 35

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